I chose the book Yesterday by accident, without thinking and reading reviews. The only thing that attracted me was the name of the book, which seemed so simple to me, and so promising at the same time. I didn’t know what Samyann have written about, but as soon as I opened it all my attention was focused only on that book. It’s a novel of reincarnation and past lives of the main character Amanda Parker – a young girl employed in a Chicago Magazine “Plethora”, whose life changed completely after an accident when she intuitively and without hesitation saved the life of Chicago policeman Mark Patrick Callahan.

As Mark once quoted Jon Lennon: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans!”, so the moment of fate when Amanda saved Mark’s life was a milestone in the lives of two young people. From that moment on, Amanda’s obsession becomes an old grandfather’s clock she saw in the nearby “Lexington Antique Shop” and realized that she had seen this clock somewhere before. Also, she was obsessed with her feeling that she already knew Mark, even they had never met before.

The author in the book Yesterday describes the present life of a girl who lost almost all her loved ones except Godmother Mary and one brother, starting from her parents to the fiancé. After those losses, she barely recovered and promised herself that she’ll never love again. When she saved Mark’s life, she couldn’t imagine that he was her love in the present, past and future, till eternity. Amanda bought old grandfather’s clock and accepted to meet Mark, but she persistently refused to get in a love relationship with him. At one point, they both admit that they feel familiar with each other, but both were sure that they didn’t meet before. A particularly fascinating story is about the old clock that connects them in some way. They decided to find out how they met and what is the connection between the clock and them.

The key role in uncovering the mystery of Amanda’s and Mark’s life is Amanda’s Godmother Mary, who helped them to go back in their past lives through regression therapy and discover how they were related. Through these therapies, Amanda has survived many tough moments from her past life, which occurred during The American Civil War and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Because of this, in some moments, her fear of losing loved ones moved her away from Mark, but he didn’t give up. Mark survived everything with Amanda and helped her to realize that their love is eternal in all lives – today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Yesterday is a book that keeps all the attention of the reader. During this great experience, I didn’t notice any mistake of the author. Especially I liked Samyann’s incorporating of the historical facts into his book and stories of the characters. The story of the book completely looks like a real story. The book fascinated me and I recommend it to everyone, regardless of if they believe in reincarnation, past lives, and eternal love. I give to Yesterday 4 out of 4 stars because if I had an option, I would give this book 10 stars, with the impression I have about the book.

Review by Maria Kozomara — Yesterday by Samyann

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