Solitude and Multitude are the first two novels in the Dimension Space Series by Dean M.Cole. Both are approximately 9-10 hours of listening, narrated by R.C.Bray and Julia Whelen, published by Candtor Press and Blue Heron Audio.

Plot: A wave of light emanates from CERN supercollider in Geneva, Switzerland and sweeps across the globe, annihilating all life forms. “Poof,” no one is left. Animals, bird, bugs, all gone. Planes fall from the sky, trains ram into stations, boats plow into shore, cars, buses, trucks all without drivers, crash. The people are all gone.

Two survive. A lone astronaut, Commander Angela Brown, is stranded on a space station. An aviator, Vaughn Singleton, has survived in an earthbound experiment within the protections of a chamber. Initially, neither is aware of the other.

Months pass. On the space station, Angela makes a family of lab mice that live in her hair. Depressed, completely alone, Vaughn wanders the earth, intent on committing suicide. He absently glances through an old newspaper and discovers an article about an upcoming space launch. A light bulb glows over his head – there may be someone else alive, up there.

And so begins this apocalyptic SciFi series. What happened? Who did it, how, and why? An experiment at CERN gone horribly wrong? An alien invasion of earth? The future of mankind is a stake!

Liked: Story. It’s intriguing, thought-provoking detail on the science of CERN. Narration by R.C.Bray as Vaughn Singleton and Julia Whelen as Angela Brown. Smooth transitions, well produced. No explicit sex scenes, no offensive language inappropriate to the scene. Feel free to give the books to anyone as gifts.

Not so hot: Although the books loosely conclude, there are cliffhangers — sequels to come.

If you’re a SciFi fan or merely willing to stretch the imagination and get lost in an apocalyptic story, these will do.



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