Daughters of the Lake is 8.5 hours of listening, narrated by Xe Sands, released in November 2018 by Audible Studios.

Plot. Visiting her childhood home, a young woman sees the body of a woman with a newborn child floating in the cold waters of Lake Superior. She has seen the woman before, in her dreams. We’re off and running with a murder mystery.  What is different? The woman is perfectly preserved, beautiful, wearing a nightgown made in the 1800s. Who is she? What happened? Thus is the thrust of Daughters of the Lake.

Liked. Narration by Xe Sands. It is a wonderful listen. Ghost stories about real people; this is not the fantastical story of zombies who crawl from graves, but the mysteries of a beautiful old town and home where … things happened. The chapters flip from modern day to the early 1900s. A mystifying and enjoyable listen.

Not so hot. The very, very last twist in the story wasn’t necessary, IMO. But, a twist other readers may enjoy.

Excellent entertainment, highly recommended.


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