Long audiobook, about 24 hours of listening, narrated by Scott Brick, released by Harper Audio in March of 2019.

Plot: Cemetery Road is a character-driven story, not much of a stretch to envision a play. Marshall McEwan leaves his small town at a young age following the drowning of his brother. For decades he has carried a burden of survivor’s guilt exasperated by his father. He returns home, summoned by his mother, to help with the family-owned business. His father is dying of heart failure and alcoholism. Almost immediately, he meets a high-school sweetheart; now a mother married to his best friend. But, sparks fly again. A childhood mentor is murdered to hide an archeological site that will hinder the progress of Chinese development that is the small town salvation. Thus, a love triangle and a murder–the thrust of Cemetery Road.

Narration: Scott Brick is, well, Scott Brick. Not much more to add, he’s a terrific narrator. My criteria is the enjoyment of the story without the distraction of narration. From that perspective, the narration of Cemetery Road is fine.

Liked: Suspense. Twists about in this story. Lots of people to hate or like. Often found myself wondering how the main character would get out of a particular mess, and he does, over and over. Soon, another twist!

Not so much: It’s a bit too long. Could have cut 5-6 hours from this book and still had a great story.

No explicit sex, no offensive language inappropriate to the scene. Not exactly what you might expect from Greg Iles as Cemetery Road is a bit in a soap-opera spectrum, but listenable.


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