What Have You Done is just over nine hours of listening in audiobook format, narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla, and released in October 2018 by Brilliance Audio.

Plot: Liam and Sean are brothers whose mother tries to drown them when they are little boys. She wishes for them all to join her dead husband. Mom ultimately kills herself, and the two boys grow to be cops. One is a serial killer, the other his protector, or so the reader is lead to believe. Ridiculously predictable. You’ll guess who the bad guy is immediately and this is not the author’s intent.

Liked: Can’t think of anything redeemable, sorry. Based on other reviews, there are merits. But … I can’t find them. Maybe editing?

Disliked: In the last couple of chapters found myself mumbling, “Why am I still listening to this?” The plot is juvenile, transparent. Narration is comical without intending to be. Even the final reveal, which was supposed to be a big surprise, is gratuitous and doesn’t add to the story.

Spend a credit, and you’ll be sorry. Really. Not recommended.


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