Reset is approximately eleven hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format, published in April 2018 by Brilliance Audio, and narrated by Ray Porter.

Plot: An alien “orb”, with the identity of Eve, has evil in mind, the elimination of humanity the objective. This begins in the 60s with Will Barnes waking in a straight jacket, having killed his wife, his brain scrambled. Jump 50 years to Will being a recluse that builds a survival bunker in an abandoned rocket silo in the New York woods in preparation for the 6th extinction. Meanwhile, a couple of US military guys lose their marbles in an Afghan cave – where the orb is captured, and the story moves to its escape, re-capture, subsequent deadly mischief. One of the military spouses is our hero in her efforts to rescue the mind of hubby.

Liked: Working at widening reading habits to include more SciFi, it’s a big world out there to explore. Reset is true to the genre without knees clicking. There is the mystery of alien technology, the what-if factor to ponder in elements of brain manipulation.

Not-so-hot: The origins of the story are a bit lost on me. Where did the Afghan cave find come into being? What was the cause/source of Will’s initial brain collapse in the 60s? His question 50 years later of “Did she talk to you, too?” isn’t enough. Can’t do spoilers, so that’s confusing, but be prepared for some confusion when you read Reset. The orb has an eleven foot diameter in the cave, but the size of a basketball for the rest of the story. Some holes, IMO – but not so much as to spoil the story.

Narration by Ray Porter is terrific. Male/female voices alike, pace, tempo, etc., all nicely done. Good audio production.

Recommended for those who like SciFi, stretching credibility.

FYI, skip the epilog, the last four minutes is a climate change diatribe.


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