Audible Audiobook, narrated by Dick Hill. This has been in my library since 2009. It is no longer available from Audible (no idea why). You may find a download at your public library or elsewhere.

Plot: In the setting of a peaceful southern town, Jade is violently molested as a teenager by three schoolmates, her beloved boyfriend is taunted to committing suicide. Jump 15 years, Jade gets her revenge.

Liked. Story! This is a page-turner.

Not so hot: Dick Hill’s female voices make them all sound like breathless morons. If you can stand that, the rest of it is worth a credit. You may find that the no-fade-to-black sex is hard to take. That’s why your player has a fast-forward button. Language a bit colorful at times.

Recommended for mature audiences.

This link is to the Amazon page, maybe the Audible Audio will light up again, eventually.


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