Audiobook. The Tower is approximately twelve hours of listening, published by Brilliance Audio in September 2018, and narrated by Scott Brick.

Plot. The Tower is a maximum security prison. Nasty, nasty men take pleasure where ever they find it, including in the suffering of each other. Allander Atlasia, a lifer and vicious murderer, escapes – killing a slew of other prisoners and guards. Jade Marlow is ex-FBI and hunts down the psychopath.

Liked. My favorite Hurwitz work is the Orphan X Series. The Tower was an Audible Daily Deal, so … price. Listened to close to a dozen of Hurwitz books, they are always page-turning mysteries, this is no exception.  The narration is great. Scott Brick is … well … Scott Brick … intense and one of the best at voicing murder mysteries.

Not so hot. The Tower ranks up there as the most grizzly, gory, and disturbing. Atlasia was abused/raped as a little boy, and his mind was damaged much more than his body. The author went to extraordinary lengths to describe bloody scenes and the over-the-top horrible abuse Atlasia inflicts on victims.

Recommendation? If you’re into blood-spattered walls, using blood to finger paint, gored out eyes, firecrackers in ears to blow out the eardrums of kids (really) – then go for it. If this stuff upsets you, skip it. No sex, no offensive language. But … holy smokes …  The Tower is fictional but might make you wonder what Gregg Hurwitz dreams. 😨 It’s a good police procedural. Socially dysfunctional cop gets the bad guy.


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