See Me is just under fifteen hours of listening. Typical of Nicholas Sparks, See Me is a character-driven, timeless, and emotional. Get out a box of tissues, curl up with your cat, a carton of ice cream, and savor a fatalistic love story. Not his best, but if you are a Sparks fan, you’ll enjoy the book.

A formulaic basis of boy-meets-girl, both drop-dead-beauties. She’s successful with a past, he’s a struggling ex-bad-boy with anger issues. No spoilers.

Liked. Narration by Christopher Ryan Grant is fine, male and female voices alike, good production – no trouble determining who-says-what-to-who. It’s always pleasurable to listen to a Nicholas Sparks love story. They are heartfelt chic-lit heaven. Intriguing that a man, Sparks, can be focused on such popular love stories, like The Notebook or Safe Haven, really all of his books. But then, men have written the most famous poems and song lyrics, dripping sentimentality, and mawkishness. So, maybe not so strange …

Didn’t like. The story is a bit long – See Me could be told in 10 hours or less. The lead female protagonist is close to 30 years old, and there is ‘the talk’ between the lead male protagonist and her father. She’s not a teenager going on a prom date, rather a successful attorney who doesn’t need daddy to look the guy over. Eye-rolling segment Sparks should have deep-sixed.

Released by Hachette Audio in October of 2015. Recommended for Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, and of course, Nicholas Sparks fans.


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