This review addresses the series, The Extinction Files, which at this writing consists of two, full-length, novels. Briefly, Pandemic is … well … just that. A worldwide breakout of a global pandemic begins with an outbreak in Kenya. Daily, we go from hundreds, to thousands, to millions, to billions of people either infected or dead. Book 2, Genome, involves the same bunch of bad guys who will pull the trigger releasing deadly nanos in the bloodstreams of everyone vaccinated from the original pandemic if the bad guys don’t get what they want … no spoilers. The nanos cause immediate brain hemorrhaging and a quick death. The audiobook versions of The Extinction Files are both narrated by Edoardo Ballerini. Pandemic is nineteen hours and Genome is thirteen hours of listening. Released by Audible Studios.

Liked. Always in for a good apocalyptic story.  Narration is good, no issues, production is fine. No offensive language, no explicit sex scenes that are not “fade-to-black”.

Didn’t like. There are way too many side stories that are not relevant to the story. Fillers galore, including superfluous characters with no value. Some familial coincidences are not believable. A bit of re-wind hell, which is frequent if your mind wanders .. usually when trying to think your way through something you just heard muttering, “Nah ….”

Okay if you’re into stretching imagination as taught as a mosquito’s ass over a rain barrel. Not great literature by any means, but enjoyable listens, albeit eye-rolling at times.



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