The Award by Danielle Steel is a WWII rags-to-riches story.

Told in flashback, the story begins when Gaëlle de Barbet’s granddaughter learns that Gaēlle is a recipient of The Award she rightly earned years ago as a WWII heroine. Time spins back to sixteen year old Gaëlle in the midst of the German occupation of her home, starvation, and brutality. As a member of the French Resistance, she smuggles Jewish children to safety. Four years later, she is modeling for Christian Dior in Paris, Vogue in New York, and beyond.

Very DanielleSteelEsque, the lead is drop-dead-gorgeous, statuesque, beyond beautiful, and not just another pretty face – but initially naīve and innocent. And, of course, there is the drop-dead-gorgeous male love interest.

The Award is your typical Steel book; if you’re chic-lit fan, you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. alec says:

    exelent novel.

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