If you have been living under a rock and do not listen to news of any kind, the material in this book will be startling. If you have been following this national nightmare, there is not much revealed beyond a few anecdotes of the extremely warped character of Donald Trump, President of the United States.

Woodward makes it clear in the opening pages that Fear Trump In the White House  is a compilation of deep background, interviews, and notes; sources are not revealed. However, specific dates, names, quotes, etc., riddle the pages. Few high-level White House officials are excluded. Quotes by attorney John Dowd, and many others, at least at this writing, have not been disputed. Briefly, Dowd refers to Donald Trump as a “fucking liar”.  Dowd resigned as Trump’s attorney because Trump would not heed his advice and Dowd considered Trump disabled and unable to tell the truth.

Woodward has taken the entire last two years and crammed it into a few hundred pages. When you absorb everything that has happened during the campaign and Trump’s term to date … there is no possible way you will not conclude that America has made a horrible, frightening mistake. Americans are blinded by fat wallets and soaring markets, enabling Trump to break its soul. The man is unfit for the awesome responsibilities of the office and Woodward’s compilation of facts is disturbing proof of his ineptitude.

Trump’s willful ignorance of America’s world presence, our national security, defense, and intelligence organizations is astounding and terrifying. An example, an argument with Secretary of Defense Mattis. Trump does not understand why we have a military presence on the Korean Peninsula. Mattis had to tell him it was to prevent WWIII … more than once … later deriding the president as a fifth or sixth grader.

Fear Trump In the White House is approximately twelve hours of listening in audiobook format, narrated by Robert Petkoff, and released on September 11, 2018 by Simon & Schuster Audio.

Narration is fine, no issues.

Worth the read. Try to sleep well after your read…….


5 Responses to Fear, Trump in the White House – by Robert Woodward

  1. AntholHog says:

    The more heartening message from FEAR is that we still have institutions and individuals, including Bob Woodward, who will continue checking the most destructive instincts of Donald Trump. Joe Scarborough

  2. is so far “the best glimpse we have into a White House like no other”, with an account of Trump “and his presidency so devastating that it can only be described as an indictment”. However, Elving expected that a portion of Trump supporters “will find this portrayal of Trump so unacceptable as to defy belief, and they may focus their dismay not on Trump but on Woodward.” Elving also argues that Woodward’s decision to keep his sources anonymous diminishes readers’ confidence in the truth of their stories, given “the enormous weight of what Woodward is alleging.”

    • Samyann says:

      There is a huge segment of Trump supporters that will not believe a word of this, of course.

      Calling on the mystery evoked with the “Deep Throat” of the 1970s and the Nixon era? Looking for another Pulitzer? Maybe. Although it can be assumed Woodward wants to sell books, his motivation goes further, IMO. He does name names, dates, and scenarios that can’t be denied. No one mentioned in this book has come out to dispute the material other than Trump himself – with typical name-calling, childish, taunts. If a fraction of what is conveyed is true, it is a nightmare for America. Hopefully, the country is strong enough to withstand.

  3. E.D. Martin says:

    My kid wants to read this, after he finishes Fire and Fury. Which means I’ll probably read it too. I don’t want to though; like you said, I’m already appalled by and pissed at this administration. I don’t need more fuel on my moral fire.

    • Samy says:

      Easy writing style, like other Woodward books. Much of the content is not news, as I said.

      But, if you’re okay with some colorful language, it’s a civics lesson we all need to understand, hopefully so it never happens again.

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