An apocalypse, a New York city blizzard, cannibalism – Cyber Storm is desperation beyond measure. Is America under attack? Systems are down, no heat, no running water, no toilets, no electricity, looting, food shortages, soon people are dying by the millions, dead bodies in the street – bird flu? Is it world wide? Just us? Who will survive and how and where?

Exciting. It’s amazing how fast everything deteriorates, less than a month!

Cyber Storm was released in January of 2014 by Blackstone Audio. The story is just over eleven hours of listening, written by Matthew Mather, and narrated by Tom Taylorson. Taylorson does a credible job with both male and female voices; you’ll have no trouble discerning who-is-saying-what-to-who. Just over eleven hours of listening, realeased by Blackstone Audio in January of 2014.

Frowned at quite a bit of exposition in the last chapter or so to explain what happened, but still an enjoyable listen. Very thought provoking and will be enjoyed by apocalypse believers, preppers.


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