Blue Dahlia takes place in an old mansion near Memphis, Harper House. The house is also the base of the Harper nursery. Nora’s knowledge/research of flowers, their names, landscaping, etal, is sprinkled through the pages. The descendent of the original builders of the old house lives there, plus owns and manages the family nursery. She hires a recently widowed beautiful (all Nora Robert’s lead females are gorgeous) Stella Rothchild to manage the nursery. Stella moves into the old mansion with her two sons. Also living in the mansion … is a ghost.

It wouldn’t be a Nora Roberts without romance, so guess what? The landscaper is a drop-dead-gorgeous-hunk who is also a Nora Roberts Type-A macho-man. He and Stella … oh, don’t want to spoil it for you 🙄.

Blue Dahlia is nicely narrated by Susie Breck. No issues. The story is close to eleven hours of listening, released by Brilliance Audio in 2008.

What’s not to like? Blue Dahlia is a Nora Roberts boy-meets-girl-romance. With a ghost.

Easy listen, recommended for Nora Robert’s fans.


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