Tribute by Nora Roberts has been around a while, released in audiobook format in 2008 and very true to the Nora Roberts formula of drop-dead-gorgeous-girl-meets-drop-dead-gorgeous-boy. Tribute floats through sexy love scenes, a light mystery. It’s a Nora Roberts book; all she does is happy endings. Also typical of Nora, the norms of writing conventions are out the window, like point of view.

The story is about a failed soap star, daughter and granddaughter to film stars,  giving up on the Hollywood world and returning to the homestead to refurbish her deceased grandmother’s estate. A go-to plot for romance writers, return to the homestead, remodel. Guess who lives across the street? The requisite hunky guy! The femme fatale has relationship issues, of course, and hunky neighbor breaks through them. All the while there is a murder mystery – and hunk protects femme fatale as he should, of course.

Narration by Jennifer Van Dyck is somewhat problematic. The male voices are hard to distinguish. Tribute is about 15 hours of listening, published by Brilliance Audio.

Some will roll eyes and likely not finish this book. If you’re a Nora Roberts/chick-lit fan, you’ll be okay with Tribute.


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