The President Is Missing is a cyber-crime story. There is an unknown entity with the power to plummet America into the dark ages leaving the country vulnerable in a multitude of ways. There is a small circle of people surrounding the President, and one of them is a traitor. The President, a recent widower, isn’t healthy; he is battling a serious blood illness. 

Liked: It’s a decent who-done-it; the plot is timely given the modern threat to US infrastructure. There is a significant element of tension; things happen quickly. Life-threatening situations traverse the pages.

Didn’t like: narration of Dennis Quaid. I like his acting, so was intrigued by the idea of listening to his reading. Quaid sounds like a lifetime smoker that needs to cough. Further, the author presents events that make the reader jump back a few chapters to see what they missed. Nothing was missed. Circumstances are tough to grasp until clarified in a later chapter … a strange writing style that is difficult to follow on occasion.

The book is an opportunity for Bill Clinton to voice his opinion about the viciousness of today’s politics in the United States – mentioning no names. The current social media world, press bias to both left and right, and how it is jeopardizing the fundamental fibre of America. The country is changing, and not in a good direction in the opinion of the author. The book is a platform for his views. A platform unavailable without writing this book with the exception of commencement speeches. So …. take it for what it’s worth. The book isn’t liberal or conservative but conveys observations that can come across preachy at times.

Listen to the free audio sample. If you can handle several hours of Dennis Quaid’s need to clear his throat, have at it. It is not great literature, by any stretch. But, a good story.

The unabridged audiobook is thirteen hours of listening and released by Hachette Audio in June of 2018.


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