Homicide Detective Max Rupert is grieving, never having recovered from the accidental death of his beloved wife in a hit and run. In a quirk of fate, Max learns that his wife’s death wasn’t an accident at all – she was murdered. We’re off and running with a police procedural/murder mystery with the twist of a cop in pursuit of vengeance.

It’s a terrific page turning story. Why would anyone want to kill her? She volunteered helping abused women. Occasionally, Max ‘fixed’ a few abusive situations in a vigilantly manner that were, in his mind, justified. But, he never killed anyone – just taught them a lesson. Killing the murderer of his wife is a difficult decision. Can he? Will he? He’s a cop, so his wife’s murderer is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, right? Well…..

Nice tension, especially considering Max captures his bad guy quickly. No spoiler there, you’ll get this early in the book. Creative writing. Every other chapter the murderer gets to watch Max augur holes on a frozen lake, preparing an icy grave. The other chapters are devoted to Max’s investigative sleuthing prior to the capture.

This is the second book I’ve listened to by Eskens; he’s become a favorite author of mine. R. C. Bray is excellent, as usual. The Deep Dark Descending is 8 1/2 hours of listening in unabridged format, released in October 2017 by Tantor Audio.

Recommended, a decent listen, enjoy!


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