Alexandra Winslow is taught to love crime drama novels by her father; she was also taught that readers of the genre are predominantly male, and the readers wouldn’t buy a crime novel written by a female, let alone a young girl. Alexandra is orphaned by age fourteen. Sweet of temperament, she’s taken in by a convent of a few dozen nuns. Precocious is putting it mildly when it comes to her talent as a writer.

Published before age 20, Alexandra becomes a famous author under a pen name. She’s confronted with a myriad of challenges regarding her hidden identity. Thus is the thrust.

Liked: It’s a good story line. Didn’t like: Danielle Steel – esque perfect lead characters. Drop dead gorgeous, rich, beyond successful. Completely un-relateable. Saccharine and formulaic.

If you’re into chic-lit, go for it – otherwise, meh.

Narration by Victor Bevine is nothing special, but there is no difficulty discerning who-is-speaking-to-who.

About nine hours of listening in unabridged format, released in 2017 by Recorded Books.


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