Regardless of any opinion of this book, the true story of Arthur Meyerowitz  is breathtaking, awe inspiring. There are not enough adjectives. He endured/survived through an incredible era of history.

That said, the execution is lacking. Although incredible, the story is dry. Sorry to say, it is terribly trite. Arthur is in an airplane over France, crashes, buries his parachute, is sheltered by the French Resistance, and makes his way to freedom. The same circumstance has been told in movies, books, etc., many times. There is no surprise, predictable with any knowledge of WWII history. The narrator is monotone.

The Meyerowitz family should be very proud, a wonderful story. A mediocre book, worth reading for the story itself, not the writing, not the narration.

The Lost Airman is co-written with Peter F. Stevens, 9.5 hours of listening in unabridged format, a 2016 release byRecorded Books.


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