This review addresses a series, The Key Trilogy, by Nora Roberts. Book 1 Key of Life, Book 2 Key of Valor, Book 3 Key of Knowledge.

A Nora Roberts novel is usually a simple boy-meets-girl-romance with a story sprinkled throughout. Out of the box a tiny bit, The Key Trilogy is fantasy, i.e., witches and Celtic gods type Sci-Fi.  A character even walks through a mirror as in Alice In Wonderland. But, Roberts does stick to her formula of chic-lit with the typical mawkish romance scenes *roll-eyes-hit-fast-forward* and an intriguing mystery.

All the characters are drop-dead-gorgeous, and much of the story is will-he-won’t-she romance. Two of the Celtic gods are personified by a handsome couple that own a mansion in a pretty town. They invite three women, complete strangers to each other, to complete a mysterious task (hint: involves keys, duh), ergo three books, one for each.

Anyway, if you like Nora Roberts, saccharine love scenes that do not fade-to-black, a bit of mystery, paranormal/SciFi, these will do.

Brilliance Audio, 2008, narration by Susan Ericksen (same reader as the In Death series) is great as usual. Each book is about 10 hours of listening.

Chic-lit fans enjoy!



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