Adrian Tchaikovsky is a British author, Mel Hudson a British narrator. Some of us across the pond find UK writing and/or narration a bit ‘off’. The word clerk is pronounced ‘clark’, the restroom is the privy or loo, etc. If you have trouble with the King’s English – take a pass. Also, if 3 meter hairy spiders give you nightmares, take a pass.

That said, if you’re a hardcore fan of bizarre space sagas, it has the elements. There are thousands of reviews that are stellar – you’ll have no trouble finding a detailed synopsis elsewhere. But, briefly – Children of Time is pure Sci-Fi. The book starts immediately in deep space, the terraforming of a planet, and sabotage. Following the sabotage, a lone survivor releases a nano virus that populates the terraformed planet with creatures of advanced intelligence. Did I mention the spiders are big. Really big? They have a war with ants. 🙄 The nuances of SciFi are lost on me, specifically when the spiders begin using slingshots. A spaceship, the Gilgamesh,  containing the last remaining members of the human race, arrives. They need a new home as earth has been dead for hundreds of years. Typical of humans, there are coups, a mutiny, etc.

Recommended if you’re into SciFi, intelligent spiders. If you are not, skip it. No sex, no objectionable language inappropriate to the scene – at least through the first half of the book. Couldn’t finish.

Sixteen plus hours of listening, released by Audible Studios in May of 2017 – The original hardback release a couple years earlier.



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