This is a UK location, author, and narration. Usually, this Yank would take a pass on the audiobook because of reader accent and the King’s English. The car has a ‘bonnet’. Uh, huh. ‘Mericans put bonnets on babies. I think a ‘trolley’ at the super market is a grocery cart. Not sure, though. Anyway, the Audible summary for All the Little Children got me. A young mother, Marlene, on the cusp of a divorce, decides to take her kids camping. Her sister and more kids go along. They all head for the woods with tents, coolers, sleeping bags.

The first evidence that something isn’t right is when Marlene drives by a bunch of cows in distress because they haven’t been milked – serious distress. Next, she see buzzards, next she goes into town – and there are dead bodies. There is a cell signal, but nobody answers – anywhere. Only static on the radio. The world as we know it is over – an apocalypse tale.

The apocalypse flies out of the author’s head occasionally, like when Marlene’s kid is lost for several chapters, her sister’s son is fatally burned in an accident, other tragedies. The story ends up in the air, lots of open issues – a sequel to come? The UK is quarantined, ergo this doesn’t affect the entire world – I think – it isn’t clear. After the first few hours of excitement, the story peters to a very anticlimactic cliff hanger. Not so much that I’ll hold my breath for the sequel, though. I suppose if you’re okay with the codicils above, it’s listenable – but ‘meh’.

Written by Jo Furniss, narrated by Fiona Hardingham, released in September of 2017 by Brilliance Audio.


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