This review addresses the series, a total of two novels. The protagonist is A. Shaw, a soft hearted tough guy, Type-A, physically imposing, handsome, easy-to-root-for gentle giant. Shaw works as an operative for an organization so far into deep ops that it doesn’t exist. He eliminates bad guys. Kate James is a photojournalist struggling with alcoholism because she feels horrible guilt; she won a Pulitzer at the expense of a child’s life.

In Book 1, The Whole Truth, a wealthy narcissistic megalomaniac, using the the Internet, convinces world powers that war is imminent. They do exactly what he predicts, spend billions building up their armaments and military.

Book 2,  Deliver Us From Evil, involves vigilante vengeance for WWII Nazi atrocities, human trafficking, nuclear weapons/war.

Liked: Typical of Baldacci audiobooks, these have special effects, music, are cinematic. Lots of action, mystery, no explicit sex, nothing objectionable, clean reads. Both novels are narrated by Ron McLarty. Baldacci has been using McLarty for years. No difficulty discerning who-is-speaking-to-who.

Didn’t like: Not much. These books are early in Baldacci’s career – he got better, but these are certainly okay. Book 1 starts a little slow, but if you’re a fan of Baldacci, you’ll have no trouble hanging in. Book 2 contains a few very explicit torture scenes that might make one queasy –  ‘fast forward’ 😉.

Both books are Hachette Audio. The Whole Truth released in 2008, Deliver Us From Evil in 2010, eleven and fourteen hours of listening respectively.



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