The Verdict is very British, so not sure American readers will enjoy as much as our friends across the pond.

Narration is, as expected, by a British reader. Suggest you listen to the sample first – some may find this narration annoying. Personally, I didn’t care for the reading – you may find it just peachy. Get used to the word clerk sounding like clark, started pronounced stahted, etc. I just kept thinking of Eliza Doolittle.

I’m a bit puzzled by some of the reviews. I just don’t think the book is that good. A very convoluted story – especially nearing the end, difficult to follow. Many little asides of no importance. There are a bunch of reviews, so you’ll have no trouble finding a synopsis. But, briefly: A wealthy man is on trial for the murder of a woman found dead in his hotel room. The main protagonist is his childhood pal, now a law firm clerk. In my opinion the clerk is a loser, jealous of success, a whiner – childish. The Verdict is a cross between a police investigation procedural and a court room drama. Grisham-British style, but a lot more difficult to follow. I couldn’t find a character to like.

The audiobook version of The Verdict is long, over twenty-one hours, which I like. Narrated by David Thorpe, published by Blackstone Audio, released in 2015.

Can’t recommend.  The Verdict is not my cup ‘o tea.


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