The basics of the story are pretty well known. Moreau is a ‘mad scientist’ who experiments with animals on a remote island.

From Wikipedia: Vivisection (from Latin vivus, meaning ‘alive’, and sectio, meaning ‘cutting’) is surgery conducted for experimental purposes on a living organism, typically animals with a central nervous system, to view living internal structure. The word is, more broadly, used as a pejorative catch-all term for experimentation on live animals by organizations opposed to animal experimentation but rarely used by practicing scientists. Human vivisection has been perpetrated as a form of torture.

Wells explains to the reader through the character of Dr. Moreau why this is so important in his research. Fundamentally, the study of pain and fear. Realizing this story is SciFi and written a long time ago, I still want to scream WTF! Dr. Moreau takes vivisection a bit further in that the animals develop the ability to speak, they have human characteristics, and can be educated. The protagonist, Prendick, is rescued following a sea disaster and winds up on the island. This is his story, told from his perspective.

Personally, I didn’t care for this gruesome tale, cringing often – too much of an animal lover, I guess. Read this SciFi novel for one reason – just to say ‘Yep, I’ve read The Island Of Dr. Moreau’. No other reason. Now I can state with confidence, ‘Some pretty sick stuff in that book.’ I’m sure Stephen King, Koontz, and other SciFi authors have studied H. G. Wells a great deal and this classic is held in high esteem. Not by me.

Recommended for SciFi fans who are okay with the abuse of animals.

Narrated by Simon Prebble, a short audiobook – only 5.5 hours long in unabridged format. The Island of Dr. Moreau was written in 1896. This narration published by Recorded Books and released in July of 2011.


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