The Dead Room has been around since 2012, published by Robert Ellis himself, audiobook released in 2015 and narrated by Jim McCance.

About narration. Jim McCance has little creative inflection – if any. His voice is monotone, and to me, a difficult go through the entire story.  You may like, but listen to the sample before you purchase.

Briefly, a talented artist, albeit a bit slow in everything else, is accused of brutal, grisly murders. If you’re into a feel good story, skip this. If you’re into grisly murder scenes, behavior and discoveries that might well make you nauseous – go for it. I did finish, but it was a chore and I fast forwarded through some particularly disgusting scenes. Ellis ties up everything, but there are so many little asides that serve no purpose in the basic plot. Some brutal editing, i.e., toss about a third, and it would be a much better book.

I’ll provide no spoilers, but found the ending a disappointment. The Dead Room is by no means a happy story – dark, brooding, disturbing = so much so credibility is lost.


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