Premise: A girl loses her job, returns to her hometown and purchases a lighthouse for rehab. She is taking advantage of this opportunity to clear the bad-name of her great-grandfather. He’s supposedly pilfered silver coins from a shipwreck off the shores of the lighthouse. Okay, interesting plot line, so I jumped at an Audible Daily Deal.

What I though would be an cool mystery is actually a valley-girly-randy-chic-lit-stupid-cliche-ridden-bore. A complete waste of time. Immediately upon purchasing the lighthouse, our female lead has a wet-panties reaction to the male romantic interest – he’s named ‘Kip’. Really. The continueing weak kneed girly crap is interrupted with a periodic reference to the fundamental mystery. But, not often enough for me care if she actually clears gramps bad name. Stopped listening with 6 hours to go and requested an Audible refund.

Maybe okay for a tweenaged girl, but eye-rolling nonsense for anyone else.

Narration is fine, albeit should have been a clue to this being chic lit – listen to the sample before purchasing.

Written by Cynthia Ellingsen, narrated by Kate Rudd, close to 12 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format. Released in April, 2017 by Brilliant Audio.


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