Briefly, a protege of Robert Langdon, Edmund, is preparing to make an announcement regarding the existence, or lack, of God – and the proof. Langdon is in the audience at the request of Edmund, and we’re off and running when the guy is murdered before the big reveal. What was Edmund about to announce? Thus is the thrust. Langdon is accompanied by the beautiful future queen of Spain and the voice of “Winston”, the AI intelligent computer invented by Edmund. “Winston” is the best part of the book.

Origin isn’t up to the standards of the previous Robert Langdon stories, in my opinion. Pages and pages of build-up to a disappointing climax. Theories abound in several discussions/lectures that might put you to sleep. The earth shattering, life altering news of “where are we going” and “where have we come from” is simply speculation that is old news to anybody with half and eye on the news. There are hundreds of Internet pages spouting the same fundamental beliefs. Ridiculously hyped. Even Robert Langdon is smarter than to buy into this silly story. Stephen Hawking has been telling us all this same stuff for years – there is nothing new here.

Narration by Paul Michael is super, as usual – no narration issues.

Written by Dan Brown, Book 5 in the Robert Langdon series. About 18 hours of listening in unabridged format and released by Random House Audio in October 2017.


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