The series is SciFi-Fantasy. A time machine reveals that the end of the world will occur in 2111. Three heroic individuals are ‘extracted’ from their current lives/times to prevent the apocalypse. An interesting and promising premise. However, the main thrust, i.e., saving the world, is simply a vehicle for the author to move characters through time and have incredibly mundane conversations. The main characters argue about how to say 2111. Twenty one eleven? Two thousand one eleven? Really? Oh … wait … the world is ending! A WWII soldier becomes a Harry Potter fan – really? The characters banter for several paragraphs and through much stupid dialogue about if or not a character should ‘wank’, masturbate, to release tension. Really?? Oh … wait … the world is ending. A great deal of time spent on the psyche due to confinement … really??  Hello! The world is ending! The author should have spent much more time developing the fundamental plot instead of dwelling on character behaviors and interaction that adds nothing to the story.

Audiobooks listened to, Extracted and Executed, are about 12 hours of listening each, narrated by Carl Prekopp, stories written by R. R. Haywood.  No particular issues with narration, Prekopp can only do so much with the material. You’ll have no issues with the reading.

Vulgar language might offend. No sex scenes, some violent scenes.

However, after struggling to the meat of the story through two books, the motivation to continue just isn’t there. Must be some merit to this series based on some stellar reviews. Beats me – not my cup ‘o tea.



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