The audiobook version of Replay is just over eleven hours of listening, narrated by William Dufris, released in 2008 by Tantor Audio – originally published in the late 1980s.

Replay opens with a middle-aged guy dying at his desk of a heart attack and immediately ‘coming to’ at the age of 18 in his dorm room. He gets a chance at another life, taking full advantage of what he knows of the future making him a wealthy man. But, he dies of a heart attack again … and again … and again … each time given the same opportunities, foibles to overcome, remembering his previous lives completely. In the last couple of “replays” he has come across another person, a woman, who is also replaying her life, over and over again. And these life-spans are getting shorter, and shorter, and ….

Why does this happen … or does something similar happen to all of us and we just don’t know it? Mmmmm. Food for thought that may have you thinking about this book long after you finish reading.

Nicely narrated by William Dufris. No issues with audio production.

As an aside … Grimwood authored other books under the name Alan Cochran, but the most interesting fact is that he died of a heart attack. Ironic.

A decent listen.


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