Liked: Lineage – A Supernatural Thriller is a hide-under-the-covers ghost story. So, if you’re in the mood for the creepy, this’ll do. Plot, premise – all cool.

Didn’t like: Narration by Neil Hellegers. Everything is conveyed in a manner to evoke hair-raising fright. Everything. In my opinion, this manner of reading a horror story takes away from those passages that are truly chilling. Ergo, it’s overdone – considerably. Narrators are supposed to make an already good book better with artful audio interpretation. Hellegers fails.

Summary: The story opens with a grizzly scene in a Nazi concentration camp as a young boy witnesses the brutal murder of his parents. Flash forward to the 80s and the horrible abuse of another young boy by a sadistic father. Flash forward again to modern day and the boy is now a successful author struggling with writer’s block. He decides to vacation on Lake Superior to rekindle his muse. Lots of inner turmoil ensues as he struggles with the past and the ghostly present.

Just over twelve hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format. Released in June of 2016 by Tantor Audio.

Recommend listening to the audio sample before purchasing the audiobook. If you can handle the emoting of the narrator, go for it. Otherwise, go for an eBook or paperback. A decent ghost story.


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