You’ll find a better  synopsis elsewhere, but briefly: A secret service agent attempts to assassinate POTUS believing the president is a psychopath who murdered his wife. The agent has been ‘mind controlled’ with some form of false memories and has never married. Also, some bad guys are planning to destroy the United States by burning the country to cinders. I must assume these two disparate issues meld into a plot … somewhere.

It is acceptable to expect the reader to stretch the imagination when absorbing fiction. But, Game Changer is expecting too much stretching. I tried, I really did. I actually listened to at least 8 hours of this book before I quit. The idea of memory modification as the basis for a fictional story is a good one, believable. But, the premise presented in this story is just plain silly. In addition, the book is clichè ridden with sappy comedic lines at inappropriate moments. I gave up eye rolling.

Narration by Joe Hempel is okay, no issues.

15 hours of listening in unabridged audio, released by Audible Studios in 2016.

Not my cup ‘o tea.


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