Narrated by Jessica Ball, released by Bolinda Publishing in January-2017, just about ten hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format.

Everything You Told Me is the story of a young mother who ‘comes to’  hundreds of miles from home. She’s in her pajamas, and seemingly ready to step off a cliff. But, she doesn’t – saved by a stranger. There’s a suicide note. But — none of this can possibly be ‘real’. She’s not suicidal and has no idea what has happened. The last thing she remembers is getting into bed. Thus is the thrust.

Liked: The book is sort of like driving by a bad car wreck – ya feel guilty for looking.

Didn’t like: None of the characters are likable – nobody. The premise is interesting, but the delivery is wanting. There are way too many eye-rolling instances. You’ll hover over fast-forward to get to the point, many times. Very repetitive and would have been a good short story – but is a tedious novel.

No gratuitous sex scenes, no objectionable language – a clean read. Narration is fine, no issues.

Difficult to get through this book without sighing. Not a page-turner. Not recommended.


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