Charlie Flag is a Texas rancher living through a devastating drought, helpless in the depletion of his livestock and the devastation of his once healthy land. Although a years-long drought is a catalyst to the story, The Time It Never Rained is also a familial tale, a story of the relationship between Mexican immigrants and the Texas rancher, and an insightful representation of ranching life. The book is eye-opening picture of federal government influence/interference in ranching – be it livestock or crops, the feds think they know better than the farmer/rancher. Sad commentary and a depressing picture.

No explicit sex, no unacceptable language, a clean read … albeit very realistic in farm animal treatment (no abuse). The Time It Never Rained is over thirteen hours of listening, and released to Audible in 2008 by Recorded Books.

Narration by George Guidall is terrific, as usual.

A worthy listen, recommended.


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