If you want to get a young-adult-girl interested in reading, this one would make a great gift. The Wedding Dress is a story of a wedding dress boutique owner who buys an old trunk containing … wait for it … a wedding dress. The sleuthing begins and moves through the lives of the three women who have worn the dress since it was custom made in 1912.

The Wedding Dress is a terrific novel for a young adult, tween female, or a die hard romantic. Not intended to be great literature but simply pleasant reading requiring no deep thought … only significant tolerance for strong Christian beliefs. If you’re looking for a nail-biting-page-turner, I suggest you skip it. More along the lines of a decent Nancy Drew-Christian Romance that will keep you interested.

No foul language, no sex, nothing but sweet syrup for the soul.

Narration by Eleni Pappageorge is fine, a respectable variety of voices, well produced. No issues with tempo, production, etc.

Close to ten hours of listening, The Wedding Dress  is written by Rachel Hauck, published by Oasis Audio, and released by Audible in 2012. A decent story and very listenable for the right audience.


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