These comments are in regard to the entire series which encompasses, as of this writing, six novels. Released from 2010 through 2017 by Audible Studios and narrated by Jay Snyder. These are unabridged, full length novels, ranging in length from eleven to eighteen hours. The Gray Man is a CIA operative – deep undercover-black ops. If you are a fan of page-turning, double-taps, and splattering brain matter — well, ‘ya found a series.

The lead character, Court Gentry, is a Jack Ryan or Mitch Rapp or James Bond or Jason Bourne… well, you get the idea. Although no explicit description is given, it wouldn’t take much to imagine him as a Type-A, patriotic, tough guy with a gentle heart. He’s a decent guy, ergo only takes out the bad guys. But he takes out a lot of ‘m. Lots.

Well researched, both in military ops and local color. No explicit sex, no language inappropriate to the character or situation. Very imaginative scenes, lots and lots of shoot-m-up stuff, and surprising plot twists. The action is breathtakingly fast – very well written. You’ll find full synopsis reviews elsewhere, but briefly: Court Gentry has been royally screwed by the CIA and he goes through hell and back to find out why. He gets into many jams there is no way he can get out of … no way … but somehow….

Anything more gives away too much fun. For the most enjoyment, start with Book 1, The Gray Man.

Jay Snyder does narration for the entire series, and is excellent. No issues. You’ll have no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who. Only one minor complaint. At one time a character is supposed to be voiced with a Chicago/midwestern accent. Well, it’s not even close and sounds more like the Bronx. Small stuff, huh.

Anyway … these books are not great literature – just darned fun espionage. No doubt, there will be more books to the series. Enjoy!



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