As of this writing, there are seven books by Greg Iles featuring the lead character of Penn Cage. These comments encompass the entire series. All books are lengthy, full length novels. The exception is The Death Factory, a three hour novella – written mid-way in the series. Frankly, my opinion, skip this book as it adds nothing to the series. There are many, many reviews, so I will skip synopsis – you’ll have no trouble finding more details on each book.

Briefly, the lead protagonist, Penn Cage, is the ultimate ‘good-guy’ in the series. Although Iles refrains from explicit physical description, it isn’t difficult to imagine him, i.e., the tall-dark-handsome-sympathetic widower. Cage, an attorney, returns to his childhood home of Natchez in hopes that the environment will ease the grief of his wife’s death – particularly for his little girl. In short order, Cage is mayor of Natchez and the adventures begin. The novels are sprinkled with unique characters, i.e., an opportunistic black attorney, a jack-booted thug sheriff, innocent victims, a kind hearted doctor, unbridled racism, people to trust, people to fear – secrets – something for everyone.

No explicit sex, no language inappropriate to the scene or character. Worthy listens, albeit long books. But, I like them long.



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