Audiobook narrated by Xe Sands, approximately eleven hours of listening, released in 2015 by Macmillan Audio. Trauma is marketed as being written by Michael and Daniel Palmer. Daniel Palmer is Michael’s son and Michael has been dead since 2013; this book was written by Daniel Palmer. Personally, I object to Daniel using his father’s name for promotional purposes. Daniel is talented enough to pursue writing on his own without the use of a familial crutch and should take a page from the playbook of Joe Hill. Joe Hill, author of such terrific stories as Nos4a2,  is the son of Stephen King. Message to Daniel Palmer: Stop using Pop’s name to sell your books, not fair to his memory, not fair to your own talent.

That said … Trauma is a medical  mystery/thriller and is the story of Carrie Bryant, a neurology resident, who makes a horrendous error in the process of prepping a gentleman for brain surgery. She flips, reverses, an X-Ray, resulting in brain surgery being performed on the wrong side of the brain. Big oops, huh. Hard to believe this sort of stuff actually happens, but it does. Carrie’s mistake results in her resignation and a complete lack of confidence moving forward with her medical career. In a short time, through a friend of her father, she is recruited as a neurosurgeon to participate in a new method of treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) at a VA Hospital. Problem is the patients keep disappearing. Thus is the thrust of Trauma.

Why I liked? A decent mystery, I’m an easy touch for a good who-done-it … and, in Trauma, we’re not sure who the bad-guy is until the end – I didn’t guess – which is always fun. Narration is fine, Xe Sands does a credible job. Pacing/tempo is good, male/female voices good, basic production good, no trouble with who-is-talking-to-who.

Not so hot? Credibility with regard to the PTSD surgery experiment. Stretch your imagination a bit to swallow the possibilities suggested. The end results is certainly realistic. No spoilers.

Overall, a good story, well read. Enjoy!


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