Narrated by Christopher Hurt, a long book – over thirty-two hours of listening. This unabridged audiobook was released in 2007 by Blackstone Audio – the original printed version goes way back to 1943.

To get full value from The Fountainhead, read up on Ayn Rand. Consider where she comes from and the original release date – 1943, the height of WWII. The Fountainhead is a platform for the fundamental beliefs of Ayn Rand, which is conveyed via the trials of Howard Roarke, the lead character. Howard is an architect who bucks the system to maintain his design integrity – like most ‘artists’.

Although on board with most of Ayn Rand’s beliefs, I take umbrage with the author portrayal of the Type A male being the end-all choice for women, even in 1943. I got the impression that Ayn Rand lived vicariously through the character of Dominique – creepy as hell given Roarke raped Dominique – and Dominique was not only ‘okay’ with it, but liked it. Yuk.

Should you opt to listen, be prepared for long-winded diatribes conveying Rand’s philosophies on individualism and objectivism. Lots of them.  In fact, I’m of the belief that the novel is much more philosophy than literature. Although I finished the book, simply to say ‘Yeah, I read The Fountainhead’,  it’s a way too preachy for my taste. You may think it’s just great.

No issues with narration.

You either like Ayn Rand, or you don’t. Do some research before you jump in!


One Response to The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – Audiobook

  1. E.D. Martin says:

    I’ve researched her and I don’t like her. At all. 🙂

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