This review addresses four novels comprising The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Series by Alexandra Sokoloff. The entire series is approximately 40 hours of listening in the unabridged format, pretty close to equal in length. Book 1, The Huntress Moon indicates publication by the author – the remaining three by Brilliance Audio. A self-publishing success story here? The audio formats were released over a two year period, 2014-2016. With a little research you’ll find Alexandra Sokoloff is the recipient of numerous awards, as is the narrator of all four novels, R. C. Bray.

The FBI Thrillers Series are crime-thriller dramas, the same characters traverse these novels, ergo suggest starting with Book 1, The Huntress Moon. Early in Book 1, an entire family is brutally murdered. Except Cara, five years old.  Cara is shuffled through a system of group homes, shelters, eventually living under the radar on her own. Matthew Roarke is an FBI agent on the hunt of a female serial killer. Cara has been a vigilante killer from the age of 14. She has never targeted anyone that hasn’t deserved it – but, ya don’t want to get in her way. Is Cara psychopathic, psychotic? She sees and hears evil – bad people and situations will cause horrible pain and tragedies. She protects innocents and commits murder. Thus is the thrust of the series.

Why I liked? It’s not difficult to root for Cara – it’s not difficult to root for Roarke. Both main characters are sympathetic, you want them to succeed. But, the success of either may well result in the destruction of the other. What a thought provoking dichotomy!

Why I didn’t like? Well, Cara doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it finds her – virtually everywhere. You must stretch the imagination a bit to believe that evil exists – everywhere. But, hey, it’s fiction.

Narration throughout the series is excellent – R. C. Bray well deserves the accolades he has received for this series. Great pacing, voicing of male/female, etc., excellent.

Overall, well worth the investment. Enjoy!



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