Narrated by Michael Page, over sixteen hours of listening. This unabridged audiobook was released in 2008 by Blackstone Audio – although the original print version goes back to the late 90s.

A Dangerous Fortune is a mystery – however, you understand who the bad-guys are throughout. Not a thriller, rather a family saga riddled with black sheep and spoiled brats. Takes place in England, beginning in the 1860s through the 1890s.  All topics from rags to riches to homosexuality to illegitimacy to prostitution to elicit affairs to high stakes banking. A plethora of topics,  including noble ethical standards, kindness, greed, debauchery, murder. Something for everyone! The story begins with a school drowning, the ramifications of which traverse the pages to a somewhat predictable ending.

Typical of Follett, settings in A Dangerous Fortune, are wonderfully defined. The era, costumes, class system … you feel as if you are there, in that place, at that time – cinematic scenes. It took me a while to get hooked on the story … but after struggling through a few chapters, the soap opera aspect pulled me through to the conclusion.

Michael Page does a credible job, female voices included. No trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who. Tempo, pacing fine. A production issue with the repeat of a few paragraphs in the recording, not a major issue … still.

No gratuitous sex, but there are several such scenes relevant to the plot/character.

Overall, a worthy listen. Enjoy!


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