Having enjoyed listening to Suspect, Book 1 in the Scott James series, I purchased Book 2, The Promise. Written by Robert Crais, narrated by Luke Daniels and MacLeod Andrews, and just over 9 hours of listening. Released in 2015.

Crais is a very prolific author and it seems this book is also a sequel to other series he has penned – The Joe Pike Series (The Promise is Book 5) and The Elvis Cole/Joe Pike Series (The Promise is Book 16). Not sure I like this marketing ploy, a bit confusing – but, there it is. Personally, I like to become involved in a series at the beginning – this is my good fortune with the Scott James Series, but not the other two series. Crais has brought all the characters from the other books together in The Promise. If this bothers you, you’ll need to go back to the beginnings of those other series to catch up with character development.

Since the Scott James series features Scott and his dog, Maggie, as lead characters, I was disappointed that it took a few chapters for them to show up. The Promise is more a sequel to the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike Series and Scott and Maggie are co-stars. Ultimately, we have a good story. Elvis and Joe, private investigators, are looking for a woman who has disappeared. She is a brilliant scientist with an explosives manufacturer. Scott and Maggie are called in because of Maggie’s military background and her training to sniff out explosives. Thus is the thrust.

Technically, The Promise is a sequel to Suspect – but, don’t expect it to be a Scott and Maggie centric book like Suspect. The Promise is a good story, however … so, recommended reading. Lots of action and suspense – but ALL of Robert Crais’ characters play major roles.

Narration is fine, a good audio production.


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