Written by Robert Crais, narrated by MacLeod Andrews, 8.5 hours of listening in unabridged audiobook format. Suspect is book one in a new series, listed on Audible as Series: Scott James.

There are basically two leads in this story, a man and a dog. Scott James is an LAPD homicide cop, plagued with PTSD, reliving a shoot-out that resulted in the death of his partner, Stephanie. After recovering from his own near-death injuries, Scott is teamed with a new partner, Maggie. Maggie is a black-and-tan German Shepherd Dog, a former United States Marine. Maggie lost her partner in a bombing that left her injured emotionally and physically – doggy PTSD with bad dreams and all. The two are made for each other!

This introduction to the series centers on Scott’s obsession with getting to the bottom of his old partner’s murder. Maggie’s rehabilitation and further training also traverses the pages – she’s spooked by gunfire or loud noises.

Robert Crais’ interpretations of the dog, Maggie, might put you in mind of Dean Koontz. Koontz has written stories involving a golden retriever that I’ve enjoyed – one novel is called Watchers.  FYI, Watchers is on the paranormal side, but hey – it’s Dean Koontz, ergo SciFi – but good.

MacLeod Andrews does a great job, an enjoyable narration.

Suspect is a solid police procedural, a terrific page-turning thrill ride, and a story of canine devotion any dog lover will enjoy. Recommended!


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