Book 15 in the Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor, this unabridged audiobook version of Foreign Agent is eleven hours of listening and narrated by Armand Schulz. Released by Simon & Schuster Audio in June of 2016.

One of Harvath’s contacts provides intelligence that results in a covert operation disaster, an assassinated Secretary of Defense, a white house suicide bomber. Harvath has been duped and he is out for justice. Our hero traces through a myriad of connections as the brains of bad guys are subsequently drizzled down walls, throats are slashed. This is a pretty graphic story in which women are raped and abused, bodies pile in a most grizzly manner – including innocents burned alive in a cage. Foreign Agent is a thrill ride that spans the globe from Washington, to Malta, to the deserts of Jordan and Syria.

Why I liked Foreign Agent. Scot Harvath is Brad Thor’s espionage hero; a character that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp – you know the type. Harvath is the self-deprecating, handsome, type A, macho-man … a superman with no superhuman skills – only training, wits, courage, and a gentle heart. This type of espionage/thriller is fun to read, and page-turners are more fun in audiobook format. Armand Schulz does a terrific job with narration. Great pacing, tempo, emotion, a sound production.

Not so hot. The story moves at break-neck speed, which is okay, but it is also confusing at times. Lots of action with some very short chapters that usually involve a locale switch. I didn’t want to miss anything relevant, so did a rewind several times. You may find it just fine and this is simply evidence my attention span failing.

If you enjoy the genre, recommended!


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