Written by Gregg Hurwitz, narrated by Scott Brick, 14 hours of listening in unabridged format. You’re Next was released quite a while ago, mid-2011, by Brilliance Audio. Audible recently had a special on books narrated by Scott Brick. Needless to say, I stocked up!

Mike, the main protagonist, was abandoned at age four. He’s about to learn why. Mike is a man of high moral standards with an orphaned past who has taken the right path in life. He’s a successful contractor-builder, a family man with a wife, child, picket fence, suburban life. The story begins with a development of homes resulting in Mike’s picture in the paper, a catalyst to the main mystery. Unbeknownst to Mike, he is a dead-ringer for his father. Crooked cops, politicians, hit-men, etc., have Mike uncertain as to who he can trust. With fear for his life, his wife and daughter, Mike turns to his old friend, Shep. A best friend from Mike’s childhood, a fellow orphan, Shep has taken a different path in life.

In my opinion, Shep is the best character in the book, and Scott Brick does his voice in an unusual, and fantastic, way.

Overall, this is an excellent Gregg Hurwitz mystery, and well worth the purchase. A page-turning story of love, stamina, and loyalty – with lots of twists, plenty of guessing, and thrilling/chilling moments. However, there is one major subplot that is superfluous and the story would be better, and shorter, without the distraction. Seems he’s been duped by a dishonest sub-contractor to the tune of a several thousand dollars. This element serves no purpose to the story arc.  No spoiler, this happens early in the book and then is dropped from the story line.

No explicit sex, no bad language. A little cringeworthy behavior and torture, but not much.

If you’re a fan of the crime/thriller genre or Gregg Hurwitz, you won’t be disappointed. You’re Next is good story.


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