The Shut Eye is written by Belinda Bauer, narrated by Andrew Wincott, and nine hours of listening in the unabridged audiobook format. Released in January 2016 by Dreamscape Media.

You’ll learn early in the story that a ‘shut eye’ is synonomous with a psychic –  the type that can speak to the dead or, like one of the characters in The Shut Eye, provide services to the police department to find a missing person.  The story takes place in England, the narrator’s accent British. A young woman is devastated to the point of insanity due to the disappearance of her little boy, blaming her husband for leaving the front door open. All that remains of the child are footsteps made in wet cement that the poor woman polishes and protects. Enter a bigoted, burned out cop looking for another missing child but tasked with finding a lost dog. Yeah, you read that right: looking for a lost dog rather than a lost child. The fact that the lost dog belonged to his boss doesn’t matter – the premise is ridiculous. Thus is the thrust.

Received as an Audible Daily Deal – didn’t cost much, which is a good thing in that I didn’t care for the book. Considerable rewinding in an attempt to understand. The story is ethereal, deep, and I gave up trying to understand and just moved forward. Some of the story is credible and believable, most had me staring into space muttering ‘What the…?’. Part paranormal, part police procedural, which in itself is a great premise for a book. But The Shut Eye misses the boat in my opinion. Environmental visuals are off, no character is likable, the plot is convoluted and difficult to follow, there is no closure in a completely bizarre ending that makes absolutely no sense.

Narration by Andrew Wincott is passable, production is okay. Honestly, I cannot effuse much in that I didn’t like the book itself … sorry Andrew.

I know – I know, The Shut Eye has a slew of good reviews. Beats me as to why. I very rarely pan a book. But, count me among those too stupid to find much merit in The Shut Eye.


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