Written by Harlan Coben, narrated by Jonathan Marosz, the unabridged audiobook is near nine hours of listening. This version released in 2006, but the original hardback goes back to 1995.

Deal Breaker introduces professional sports agent Myron Bolitar and this is book one in a lengthy series…eight novels as of this writing. Myron is in his early thirties and lives in the basement of his parents house. Sounds like a bit of a wimpy momma’s boy, right? Not so much. Myron is a former basketball player and Harlan Coben leaves physical description to the observations of other characters and your imagination. Mine has him tall, of course, dark and handsome. He’s a self deprecating and tough character who can drop a guy twice his size with a quick thrust of a fist or knee or elbow or …. you know what I mean.

The story begins with the anonymous delivery of a porno magazine. One recipient is a client of Myron – an upcoming star football quarterback. The magazine contains a nudie photograph of the quarterback’s dead girlfriend and the story presents you with a plethora of possibilities. Is she still alive? Where? If not, who sent the magazines and why? There is a myriad of suspects, i.e., the professional football team owner, the quarterback himself or other players, her former teachers, family, old high school or college friends. Lot to ponder. The story moves through the plot quickly.

Who that loves to read doesn’t like a good who-done-it? I’m there! This is a great, page turning murder mystery. The story also introduces a terrific character, Myron Bolitar. Not sure if Harlan Coben isn’t living vicariously through his character, but the wry sense of humor is awesome and quote-worthy. There are some terrific one-liners throughout the story and Myron’s personality shines. Caustic, witty, funny as hell, and morally upstanding type A macho-dude. I loved him!

Narration by Jonathan Marosz is wonderful. His interpretation of the main protagonist is just great.

A worthy investment. Enjoy!


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