Written by Lee Child, narrated by Dick Hill, about 18 hours of listening – Jack Reacher Series Book 1. The original audiobook was purchased from Audible in 2001 and they re-released in 2015. In the second recording Dick Hill is just as good, but older – more grizzly. Purchased the second audiobook by mistake – Audible didn’t indicate that The Killing Floor existed in my library. so I executed a refund. Not sure why, maybe because it has been re-recorded the file I had wasn’t considered a duplication. Anyway …. since I  listened fifteen years ago, I decided to refresh my memory with a re-listen.

Why I liked this book. This is the introduction of Jack Reacher – a former Army MP (Military Police), specializing in homicide. Reacher is super-smart, well read, intelligent, still waters. He now lives the life of a hobo, wandering the country as he pleases, going where he wants, when he wants. Great fodder for the series. Reacher gets in and out of precarious situations, always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having read several books in this series, I can say they are fun reads. No gratuitous sex – at least nothing graphic, no language issues, ‘clean’ reads.

Complaint about The Killing Floor. There is a serious plot hole you’ll question from the very beginning of the book. No spoiler here. Jack Reacher exits a bus at a little no-where town (a dot on the map) to look into the background of a guitar player that died 60 years ago. Shortly, he is up to his neck in a murder mystery that involves the death of his brother, a guy found shot to death and beaten beyond recognition. This is a brother he hasn’t spoken to in years and the last he knew worked for the government in D.C. – doing what Reacher doesn’t know. Really? A bit of a coincidence, ya think?

Beyond this credibility stretch, the story is typically Jack Reacher and an entertaining story. It’s apparent that Lee Child has his arms around a colorful character – Child has been writing about Jack Reacher for near 20 years and the character hasn’t changed much – still the type A loner, a handsome, self deprecating hero.

Each book in the entire series can stand alone. Don’t hesitate to jump in anywhere. Also, any of these books would make a great gift for a mystery/thriller fan. Enjoy!


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