Written by Scott Pratt, nicely narrated by Nick Podehl, this unabridged audiobook is just over eight hours of listening, released in November 2015 by Brilliance Audio.

Justice Redeemed is a legal thriller, but most of the story is post conviction of the lead character, Darren Street. Darren is a successful criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, TN who finds himself convicted of a murder he did not commit. The story is well researched, in my opinion. I learned a great deal about the criminal conviction, the mindset and behaviors of men behind bars – the chilling details of brutality and the jack-booted-thug idiot mentality of prison guards – ignorant jackasses who should be behinds bars themselves.

You know who the bad-guy is right out of the chute – the fun is getting Darren Street through a boat-load of incrimination to ultimate redemption. You’ll be convinced, several times, that there is no way he can get through the story alive.

Wonderful narration, good character development – a very entertaining story. Enjoy!


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