As impossible as it may seem, the Department of Veterans Affairs still pays a pension to one surviving daughter of an American Civil War veteran.

Irene Triplett is 86 as of 2016, and her father, Moses Triplett, fought for both the South and North during the war. He was married to his first wife for many years, and when she died, Moses married a woman 50 years younger than him. She gave birth to Irene in 1930, who still collects a monthly pension of $73.13  from the from the United States government as the disabled dependent daughter of an American Civil War veteran. Frankly, I’m not so sure that is sufficient money! I mean, the American Civil War!

No kidding!

Irene Triplett collects $876.00 a year from the government as thanks for her father taking part in the war, which ended in 1865.

This is truly great trivia! Google her name, you’ll be surprised what you find.



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